Their main aim is to provide high quality Spanish language instruction and cross-cultural education in an atmosphere of respect for the individual. A secondary aim is to contribute to a greater understanding among people of diverse cultural backgrounds.


They have a number of goals:

1. To help people from other cultures understand and aclimatise to South American life. To this aim they offer:

•    cross cultural education
•    home-stays with Ecuadorian familes
•    a “study and travel” programme
•    volunteer opportunities

2. To encourage continuous professional development of their staff:

•    training for Spanish language teachers
•    regular teachers’ workshops
•    regular review of our textbooks and classroom materials
•    we support teachers’ participation in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

3. To ensure the viability of the school

•    maintain our license with the Ministry of Education
•    maintain good relations between Colonials’ members
•    maintain good relations with host families
•    offer the best possible salaries and benefits for staff

4. To contribute to their community and maintain a strong “social conscience”:

•    support an orphanage
•    encourage and support students in volunteer work with NGOs
•    maintain “Solidarity” our non-profit social programme (the programme provides free English classes to volunteers and workers in NGOs, as well as Spanish classes for refugees and a translation service) .

Ecuador is not just a holiday paradise but a developing country, with many socio-economic problems. We try, within their means, to support fellow Ecuadorians who are less fortunate than themselves. They support an orphanage for street children, and also children living in prisons with their parent(s), for example. Students who want to contribute a little to their country can volunteer in this orphanage, or in many of the other social projects they have links with.

Their Teachers

The teachers at Colonial Spanish School are university graduates or licensed language instructors. They are hired based on their performance in both a written exam and an interview.  All of their teachers have undergone an intensive 100-hour course of teaching instruction with us. Professional development and advice is provided continually. Many of the teachers have previously tought in spanish schools in Costa Rica and other latin american countries, so they all have extensive teaching experience.

Their Campus
Their school in Quito is located between the new and old parts of the city.  They are conveniently situated near post offices, banks, change houses, telephone offices, embassies and major hotels. They are authorized by the Ministry of Education (ministerial agreement # 066 DINNEP) to give certificates of competence after each level of study to students who have fulfilled all the necessary requirements.

Their school is recommended by The South American Explorer's Club, El , Chikyuno Arukikata, The Lonely Planet Guide, Reise Know-How, etc.

Their Services Offered
The school has a small but well equipped communication office with a telephone, fax, and email and internet access, which are all available to our students free of charge.  Also, students can use our post office box.

It is also their policy to pick students up at the airport and bring them to their accommodation, regardless of the day and time of your arrival.  They also bring you to the airport on your last day in Quito. This service is free of charge.

The school has a large amount of tourist information (maps, books, videos, brochures, etc.) including information about the Amazon jungle, the Galapagos Islands, and various destinations in the Sierra.  Their students may be able to receive discounts for certain tours.  They also offer an book exchange in a variety of languages.

In order to help their students with their luggage, we have a room that is always available to store your belongings. Plus, they have a laundry service that can be used according to your personal needs.

In addition the school also has a list of names and addresses of doctors (fluent in many foreign languages), and other health related information.